Cutler and Gross and the Elton John AIDS Foundation

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, I initiated the creation of a limited-edition Cutler and Gross frame to be sold across the Cutler and Gross retail channels. The frame was inspired by the charity’s ‘Love Is In My Blood’ campaign, handcrafted in deep-red Italian acetate. The campaign raised over £60,000 for the Foundation, showing solidarity for over 30 million people living with HIV. 

To make the donation tangible for the consumer and the media, we communicated the effect of each purchase - each pair of glasses could pay for sex education, HIV testing and treatment for 10 young men in Uganda – safely, and without fear of violence or discrimination. A limited-edition frame was also designed exclusively for MR PORTER to raise additional funds. Press coverage was secured in outlets including Hunger TV and