Research Focus

An Investigation of the Effect of Artistic Collaboration on the Brand Image of Luxury Fashion Brands

Creative and commercial collaboration with visual artists has become a notable trend in the luxury fashion industry. Fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Prada have translated the work of various artists into globally distributed collections and products. 

My article investigates the effect of Artistic Collaboration on the brand image of luxury fashion brands. Brand management theory and third party endorsement perspectives were used to build a definition of Brand Image Transfer (BIT), the process by which the meanings and symbols associated with a brand in the consumer’s mind become associated with another entity.

I applied and empirically tested a conceptual framework of Brand Image Transfer through consumer-based surveys. This article concludes that there is a transfer of image from the artist to the brand in collaboration, demonstrating the importance of linking with art to create associations of craftsmanship, status and exclusivity. The research also reveals the mediating factors of image transfer including the importance of the perceived fit between the artist and brand in collaboration.